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Vision and Goals

Smith Draft 4.png

ignity for all Dragons- I will endorse policies that recognize and protect the dignity of all CISD students, faculty, staff, and families.


etain and attract top talent- I will apply my experience in retaining, recruiting, and hiring top talent to ensure that CISD has the best teachers, staff, and administrators.


ccountability- I will help foster a culture of accountability and transparency. I will urge the Board to answer our community and be  fiscally responsible. 


enerate value- Because the success of our school district drives the success of our town, along with our property values, I commit to maintaining CISD's earned reputation for excellence in academics, athletics, and activities.


pportunity- I will promote opportunities for CISD students and staff to explore new interests, develop their passions, and build community.


urture unique gifts- As the mother of CISD students who participate in both the GT and Special Programs divisions, I'm committed to ensuring that the unique gifts of ALL our students are nurtured. 


afe learning environments- I will advocate for an environment where all students are free to think, believe, learn, and express themselves.


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