"Last session, I fought to end Robin Hood and added billions in funding for our schools. I proudly endorse Cam Bryan and Hannah Smith because they will invest those dollars directly on our students.​"

-Representative Giovanni Capriglione, House District 98

"Families choose to live in Southlake because of the excellent quality of our public schools. Cam Bryan and Hannah Smith will protect our Southlake values and ensure our children excel in the classroom and beyond."

-Laura Hill, Southlake Mayor


"Hannah Smith has it all. Deep experience in education, law, and human rights. Mother, wife, student. Lover of her family, her neighbors, Texas, and this great nation. I cannot think of a better candidate for a school board, anywhere.​"

-Thomas Farr, President of the Religious Freedom Institute

"I have known Hannah Smith for several years now.  She is exceptionally intelligent, resourceful, passionate, and compassionate. I have no doubt that she would be an active and outstanding member of the CISD School Board!​"

- John Malcolm, Vice President, Institute for Constitutional Government, Director of the Meese Center for Legal & Judicial Studies and Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation

"I have spent many years working with Hannah Smith. She is incredibly smart, talented, and kind.  She is exactly the kind of person everyone should want on their school board."

-Mark Rienzi, President of Becket Law

"I'm proud to support Hannah Smith for Place 5 on the Carroll ISD School Board. Hannah has the demonstrated leadership skills that will be paramount in maintaining academic excellence, achieving high-quality teacher retention, and ensuring fiduciary accountability of the board to the district's taxpayers. Hannah is committed to working with the collective board and administration to elevate community engagement on important district initiatives with all of the district's constituents."

-Rick Barnes, Tarrant County Republican Party Chair

"As a member of the Texas State Board of Education, I believe it is imperative that we have local boards comprised of talented people such as Hannah."

-Pat Hardy, State Board of Education Region 11 Member

“I proudly support Hannah for Carroll ISD Trustee. Hannah is a proven leader who has the judgment and shared community values that our district needs and deserves. Hannah is committed to preserving academic excellence by ensuring all students have the opportunity to thrive.”

-Gary Fickes, former Southlake Mayor and current Tarrant County Commissioner

"It is an honor to have the opportunity to endorse Hannah Smith. She is the servant leader this community needs to ensure that Southlake Carroll ISD continues to be a beacon of educational excellence. Hannah possesses the precise focus, intellect, work ethic, and passion to be an excellent School Board Trustee.”​

- John Terrell, former Southlake Mayor

"Hannah’s legal expertise and intellectual acumen will serve our district well, and it is sorely needed. Hannah is passionate about promoting excellence in CISD, and all students in the district would benefit from having Hannah Smith on the CISD Board of Trustees.”

-Andy Wambsganss, former Southlake Mayor, and Leigh Wambsganss

"Hannah is a leader with a distinguished track record that uniquely positions her to be exactly what our school district needs at this time. She is a leader that is 100% focused and committed to ensuring each child is given the opportunity to thrive while maintaining mindful, fiduciary stewardship in how and where our budget dollars are utilized."

-Tim O'Hare, former Farmers Branch Mayor, and Christen O'Hare

"Hannah earned our respect the first time we met. She is kind, respectful, articulate, and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on constitutional and religious freedom law. Hannah is an asset to our community, for all students, teachers, administrators, and parents. We believe her experience is needed in our district and we're thankful for her willingness to serve. Hannah has our support for CISD School Board."

-Mitch and Christy Stacy

"Hannah Smith is a proven leader, who works tirelessly to improve the community and our schools, always with integrity and intelligence. Her vast knowledge of all subjects surrounding education will be a great asset to Carroll ISD."

-Dawn Tongish

“Hannah Smith is exactly the kind of leader we need as a CISD Trustee. She’s highly educated, articulate, passionate, and will stand on her convictions. The students of CISD deserve to have someone like her guiding their schools!”

-Dr. Randy Robbins

“Hannah is a tireless advocate for our community. She embodies all that is good about Southlake. She will work to ensure that all Dragons are given the opportunity to excel. Her educational background and work experience set her apart from her competition. She is hands-down the best choice for school board trustee and we endorse her without reservation."

-Dr. John and Renee Thomas

"As a long-time Southlake citizen and community volunteer, I am honored to endorse Hannah Smith for Carroll ISD Trustee. Hannah is an incredible Dragon Mom who works tirelessly to uphold the values that Southlake families hold dear. I have volunteered with Hannah and her family and seen first-hand how devoted she is to making our community a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Her work experience and political expertise will be a welcome addition to our School Board. Please join me in voting for Hannah Smith for Carroll ISD Trustee on May 1st."

-Joan Shockley

"It is with great pleasure that I fully endorse Hannah Smith for Carroll School Board Trustee. Hannah has always demonstrated a real passion for our district and its students."

-Eduardo DeLugo

"Hannah Smith is a dedicated mother and educated professional who possesses the knowledge and energy to ensure CISD provides all children the education necessary for them to flourish in a free society. She knows that education is about more than just acquiring skills related to economic success. It's about setting the conditions for young people to become happy and fulfilled as individuals, and to develop within them the requirements of self-government and liberty. Vote Hannah!"

-Juan Saldivar

"After moving to Southlake, Hannah has wasted no time finding very constructive ways to use her considerable legal and organizational experience for the benefit of Carroll ISD and the Southlake community.  She is extremely passionate about her family, their education and the quality of our local school system. I'm confident that no one would work harder for the benefit of the Dragon family than Hannah.  I can't imagine her actually losing an argument or backing down from a challenge. We're very fortunate that she and John have chosen Southlake as their new home and I look forward to helping her continue to find ways to use her experience for our collective good.  It's my pleasure to endorse her for the Carroll School Board and I'm confident she will do an outstanding job if given the opportunity."

-Joe Jordan

"I am happy and excited to have the opportunity to endorse Hannah Smith for CISD School Board.  I have gotten to know Hannah and her wonderful family through our children, but have also watched her work tirelessly to become informed, and to inform parents and our current board, about issues that are affecting our state, city, community and schools. Hannah has four children in CISD schools and is committed to making our schools and community, not only better, but great for our children. As a parent of a child in Special Programs, I am looking forward to her perspective as an advocate for this marginalized group.  I truly believe Hannah will be an important addition to the CISD school board."

-Jacolyn Lieck

"Hannah has shown incredible leadership as a strong advocate for the families in our school district and community. She is extremely knowledgeable about the challenges and opportunities we face as a district. And I have not doubt she will work tirelessly to ensure our families are heard and valued, and that the right decisions are made to move our district forward in the right direction. Hannah has my full support for the school board."

-Kristine Kemp

"Hannah possesses the character, knowledge, and experience to drive excellence in academics, athletics and bring humanity back to all students, teachers, and administrators at Carroll ISD as we seek to develop tomorrow's leaders. Hannah's breadth and depth of legal experience is exceptionally critical during this period.  Her experience will enable CISD to navigate through complex and contentious issues which have manifested at a global level and trickled down to the local level.   We believe she can help bridge our community and help us move forward together.  More importantly, Hannah deeply cares for all people (especially children) of all races, religions, origin, orientation, and/or special needs. As a mom of four Dragons, she has the ultimate personal stake in making our schools excellent.  She consistently delivers results and she will drive closure to issues and push our community forward. Hannah is the right person for the job!"

-Alex and Jennifer Sexton

"Hannah has vast experience in the diverse academic needs of students ranging from those with special needs, to the gifted and talented population, as she is raising four beautifully unique children on both ends of that spectrum. Her expertise in law will prove to be a great benefit to CISD as she uses her analytical, detail-oriented, fact-based skill set to not only identify any potential costly financial risks to our school district, but also to objectively hear and see all angles to reach an educated conclusion. And finally, following a multi-generational bloodline of serving God and others in church, Hannah and her husband hold ethics and moral standards the highest of all priorities. This virtue is critical to the success of our district so we can trust that the decisions she makes, and the policies she affirms, are done so with integrity, honesty and transparency because it's the right thing to do. I endorse Hannah Smith for the CISD School Board of Trustees because she is exceptionally qualified to achieve great things for our students, staff and administration."

-Jolyn Potenza

"Carroll ISD would be so fortunate to have Hannah Smith be on our school board. She is not only completely qualified in every way, she would protect what makes Southlake such a special place."

-Amy Lemmermann

"We are proud to endorse Hannah Smith for Carroll ISD school board. We have gotten to know Hannah over the past two years and based on her character, as well as her legal expertise we believe she will be an ideal school board member who will protect the rights of all Southlake students."

-Dustin and Leigh Ann Downing

"While we know every candidate that runs for school board loves the District and wants the best for our students, Hannah stands out as a person who is truly committed to ensuring that ALL of our students receive the best education possible during their time at Carroll ISD. Her experience in government and the law come at a critical time for our District, and we are fortunate she is willing to make the sacrifice to serve our community."

-Robert and Lisa Sammons

"Trust is Earned!  Hannah has consistently represented our family values.  Hannah has worked tirelessly to advocate for our schools, staff and students all ages.  As a minority, female, business owner and mom of two Dragons, I fully endorse and support Hannah Smith for CISD school board."

-Nancy Hollis

"Hannah is fair, knowledgeable, thoughtful and dedicated to ensuring CISD is a leader in education. Additionally, her significant legal expertise will serve the board well and ensure compliance with local, state and federal mandates and regulations. Hannah cares about the rights of all Southlake constituents."

-Jenny Story

"I am thrilled that Hannah is running for Southlake Carroll school board!  Her legal background, tenacity & resolve will benefit our schools (& ultimately our city) in countless ways.  Her ethics and standards are beyond reproach.  Hannah will be a breath of fresh air on a Board that has created an increasingly divisive & untrustworthy environment.  I fully support Hannah and know she will be fair, thoughtful, & judicious in her actions while serving & representing our wonderful Southlake families."

-Shelly Elieson

"Hannah has quickly engrained herself into the Southlake community & has become a huge asset to our beloved town.  She has a stellar background, a prestigious resume & brings a wealth of experience allowing her to advocate for our children.   As a mother of 4 Dragons, Hannah has a vested interest in the success of Carroll ISD.   Hannah already works tirelessly for our children & will continue to do so as a Carroll ISD Trustee."

-Chris and Bonnie Pendergrass

"Ms. Smith is exactly the rudder our ship needs to reaffirm the course our great school system set upon years ago. I have every confidence in her stamina, intellect, kindness, passion, and values that Southlake desperately needs."

-Guy Midkiff

"As a parent and former educator, I fully support Hannah to lead our district. She will ensure all students are happy, safe and learning, while supporting the amazing teachers and staff in our district."

-Julie Collier

"We are so blessed to have the opportunity to support Hannah running for school board. She is one of the most dedicated, reliable, honest, selfless and passionate individuals I have met. Her credentials are something we could only dream of as a community to help ensure our core values are strengthened and upheld. Hannah will always ask the hard questions and leave no stone unturned for every single member of our community."

-Marissa Mahon

"Electing Hannah Smith to Southlake's school board would be like winning the lottery. She's one of the smartest, most compassionate people I know.  She's also a tenacious hard worker and a good listener with Supreme Court legal experience. A winning combination! "

-Patricia Yeager

“Hannah Smith will bring a much-needed voice of logic and reason to the CISD Board. She is focused on policies promoting the teaching of traditional, core subjects rather than transient, social constructs. Hannah will strive to respectfully represent all CISD stakeholders and will be a valuable asset to our school board!"

-Candice Caperton-Manley

“Hannah's education, experience and heart for service uniquely qualify her for the CISD Board of Trustees. I support her wholeheartedly."

-Byron Severson

“Hannah Smith will bring dignity and grit back to the School Board."

-Ethan Bruner

“Hannah would be a fantastic leader and advocate for Southlake students. Her extensive experience in education policy makes her the most qualified to serve."

-Lee Nester

"I am proud to support Hannah for school board. She is a dedicated, detail oriented and passionate conservative who will work to restore the community's faith in the board."

-Jeff Blanchard

"Over the past year, our family spent a significant amount of time with Hannah, both through community volunteering efforts as well as through youth sports. In that time, we've grown to appreciate Hannah's steadfast commitment to our town, but also her vast experience defending the civil liberties of her countrymen, at the highest courts in our country. Hannah's passion, alone, would warrant our support for any sort of service she wanted to provide our community. Her experience and expertise simply puts her on a different level. We are grateful for her willingness to lead and shoulder the responsibilities of uniting our town, protecting CISD's tradition of excellence, and providing a safe and exceptional learning environment for all of Southlake's children."

-Adam and Amber Butcher

"I enthusiastically endorse Hannah! She’s a natural born leader with our kids’ well-being in mind.  Our school district will have a huge asset on their side with Hannah on board!"

-Claudia Avila

"Since moving to Southlake, Hannah Smith has seamlessly integrated herself into the community. I believe Hannah would advocate for all students, and that she will help ensure students have the opportunity to maximize their potential."

-Sydney Valdez

"Hannah Smith is loyal, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and one of the most hardworking people I know. She loves living in Southlake, and has children who attend CISD schools. Our family supports Hannah Smith for CISD school board."

-Kristen Hughes

"As a board member, Hannah would serve the CISD community wonderfully.  She and her family are a picture of kindness, integrity, community involvement, servant hood, quality education and so much more.  CISD would continue to shine above the rest with Hannah on the board!"

-Kim Bullock

"I’m excited to support Hannah and know she will do an amazing job for our kids and school district.”

-Christy McNew

"It is such an honor to endorse Hannah Smith for CISD School Board.  Hannah's leadership style and background are exactly what is needed on our school board to ensure Carroll ISD maintains its earned reputation of excellence well into the future. Hannah is invested in our community and is committed to working collaboratively, transparently, and tirelessly to ensure ALL students are provided the opportunity to thrive in their pursuits at school while balancing that with being a fiscally responsible steward of taxpayer dollars.  Having had the opportunity to work alongside Hannah, it is so refreshing and reassuring to see how her intelligent mind, compassionate servant heart, and can-do attitude have been important in building consensus within or across groups that has repeatedly resulted  in meaningful, impactful outcomes. We are extremely proud to SUPPORT and VOTE  for Hannah Smith in the upcoming Carroll ISD election."

-Christy & Tim Sabo

"We believe Hannah stands for all that is good and right, supporting the best interests of our kids and community."

-Jennifer Casey

"The Board would be very fortunate to have Hannah. She will deliver what needs to be done!"

-George Smith

"We appreciate you stepping up to the task of building our community and schools to a level we all can be proud of."

-Renee Sweeney

"We highly recommend Hannah for school board. Her experience and demeanor are perfect for the role."

-Brandon and Liz Kunz

"As a well educated attorney and mother of four, Hannah is highly qualified to represent the students and parents of CISD.   Her background, energy, high standards and dedication ensure she will be a tremendous force for good for our community."

-Melissah and Ryan Moore

"We fully support all that Hannah represents and know she will do what is best for our children and community."

-Kevin Casey


"Both as longtime Dragon parents and taxpayers, we are ecstatic to endorse Hannah Smith for School Board Trustee, Place 5.  With our youngest of 4 graduating in 2030, we have a complete interest in those who seek to represent us at the CISD school board level.  We are deeply honored that a lawyer with Hannah's vast experience would want to lend her expertise to our district by running for our school board.  We are also impressed with how Hannah has already volunteered her time over the years, both in our school district and in our community, in multiple ways.  And with 4 current Dragons of her own, she will be committed to excellence in our school district.  Hannah will be an phenomenal  CISD School Board Trustee.  Vote for Hannah!"

-Dana and Joe Krasinski

"I’m proud to support Hannah Smith for School Board. Her qualifications are beyond measure and CISD would be fortunate to have her."

-Jenerra Del Calvo

"We are proud to support Hannah - she is brilliant, passionate, and strives for excellence in everything she does. Her leadership is exactly what will take CISD to the next level. We could not be more excited for her addition to the Board. Please join us in supporting Hannah!"

-Hilary & Bryan Rabeler

"We are honored to endorse Hannah Smith election to be a member of the CISD School Board. Based upon her work experience, education and life experiences as a mother and involved member of Southlake, it is clear that she is qualified to be elected to our school board. In addition, to the previously stated qualifications, she has a record of integrity, supporting practical and reasonable policies that promote academic excellence and compassionate development for all students and faculty. She is an active member of her church and community with a record for service and commitment."

-Kevin & Alene Kaufman

"I have lived in Southlake since 1994 and I do not remember one candidate more qualified to be a CISD Board member than Hannah Smith!  I support her 100%."
-Matty Schirle

"Hannah is a true advocate for our kids, our schools, and our community. Her professional and personal experience are exceptional for this position. Hannah has a big-picture perspective and is in this for the long haul!"

-Debbie Marsh

"I’m proud to endorse Hannah for CISD School Board! She is the breath of fresh air this district needs right now. It’s very clear that Hannah cares deeply for this community and wants nothing but the best for our Dragons. Hannah has a heart of gold and stands firm in her convictions. I’m confident Hannah will lead this district with strength and wisdom!"
-Christine Johnsen

"It is our honor to endorse Hannah. We believe she represents the heartbeat of Southlake and will work hard to keep the longstanding traditions and reputations of our award-winning schools.  We believe her heart is for all the children and their families and she will work to make sure they receive the highest level of education while also developing kind hearts and children with compassion, perseverance, strong character, integrity and all the qualities that make up true leaders. Hannah has the experience, the heart, the passion and the devotion to make the most incredible impact in our schools and for our children while serving on our school board!"

-Kim Bullock